• Horse Lip Balm

    Horse Lip Balm (3)

    Split and cracked lips can be a common problem, especially amongst hard-working competition horses. Applied directly onto your horse’s lips, our Soft Mouth lip balm will help replenish lost moisture, encourage repair, and reawaken split or cracked lips. Made from 99% organic ingredients, our Soft Mouth lip balm is also highly palatable meaning your horse will only love you all the more for it. It is also certified for use on human lips, so no problem if you may like to treat yourself too!
  • Hoof Care

    Hoof Care (3)

    Hoof care is essential in the maintenance of your horse’s health and wellbeing. Dry and cracked hooves can not only have a detrimental effect on appearance but can also be detrimental to performance too. Our Hood Dressing is designed to ensure your horse’s hooves are kept in great condition, helping to keep your horse happy and performing at their best.

    Made from only plant derived ingredients, our 82% organic Hoof Dressing, includes Eucalyptus and provides 3 key benefits:

    • Promotes healthy horn growth
    • Regulates moisture and helps maintain elasticity and suppleness
    • Provides bacterial and fungal resistance

  • Leather Balm

    Leather Balm (3)

    Saddles and bridles, as well as other leather tack items are a real investment which can cost several hundreds if not thousands of pounds. Taking care of these, keeping them looking new and ensuring they last therefore seems obvious. At Topline Naturals, we have created our organic Leather Balm explicitly for that purpose. Designed to take care of your leather tack, our leather balm helps maintain softness, pliability, and strength, whilst gently nourishing and protecting your equipment and ensuring it stays in good condition. Our carefully blended essential oils help keep leather mould at bay.
  • Horse Shampoo & Washes

    Horse Shampoo & Washes (9)

    Our shampoo is gentle yet effective, with the addition of organic mango butter helping to moisturise bit hair and skin. Hair that shines with health, will boost your horse’s appearance. Improves manageability and tames unruly strands, whilst restoring body and shine to leave hair smooth, calm and healthy-looking. Sulphate-free is kind to sensitive scalps. The formula is biodegradable and non-toxic so will not linger in the environment. Unlike products such as Mane ‘n Tail, we do not use petrochemicals such as Polyquarternium-7, with poor biodegradability that accumulate in the environment.
  • Hand Creams

    Hand Creams (2)

  • Trial Sizes

    Trial Sizes (7)

    Tempted by our products but would rather test them out before bulk buying? No problem, you can purchase trial sizes of our Shampoo, Washes, Hoof Care, Leather Balm and Lip Balm products. Questions about any of our products? Please contact us and a member of our team will get back to you.
  • Standard Sizes

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  • Bulk Sizes

    Bulk Sizes (6)

    Order our products in bulk sizes and save up to 22% compared to normal size prices. Looking to order a large number of products? Please contact us and we will assist you with your order.
  • Gifts & Accessories

    Gifts & Accessories (3)

    Shopping for someone who loves horse riding and you’re not sure what to get them for a special occasion? Our gift box and gift vouchers are always a welcome present for any horse owner. Easily usable, our vouchers are redeemable online on our website, or in-person.
  • Gift Vouchers

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